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SoundCloud Player / Downloader #Mambo Audio - Personal Project

Written By Unknown on Thursday, September 18, 2014 | 7:22 PM

SoundCloud Player / Downloader #Mambo Audio - Personal Project

Over the summer I was very interested in making a software that was powered by SoundCloud. So I began to dig into the SoundCloud API system, which allows you to accesses some amazing items that can be programmed on web applications, mobile, and software! 

The software was programmed in Visual Basic, and the GUI / Design was created in Photoshop by me. It took around a month to make the software, and I also tried my best to make it look like a ready product for the market.

How does the software work?
  • The software is basically grabbing information from SoundCloud using their free API system, and then later collecting the data XML style in Visual Basic. It's actually not that hard after you get used to the API, you can do allot of amazing things and what you see on the software its just a stepping stone to something greater.   

Why did I not release it as a product?
  • I was actually thinking  about releasing it as an Open Source software, but I later decided not to. The reason it self is complicated, its just like the Vysil Microsoft Kinect Software, which tracks and scans your body movement using the Kinect. At the end of the day, the software fit to be a personal project instead of a commercial one. 
BETA Test results
  • If you are ever thinking about making a similar software, then I guarantee you demand. I did a small test for less than a month, and the website that hosted Mambo Audio got over 5,000 hits worldwide and software got about 300 downloads.I did some SEO service to the website and also advertised the product to gain more traffic. At the end of the day, It's a great product to invest your time in, but keep in mind  you need to offer a Web service as an edition to get more traffic. 


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