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Web Browser - Open Source [ Visual Basic & CSharp (C#) ]

Written By Unknown on Sunday, June 5, 2016 | 6:01 PM

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Coder Revolt  Web Browser is a project I programmed in Visual Basic with the support of background knowledge, general problem solving with errors and finally some good old research. I’m very proud of the outcome on this software because its simple and still has basic web browser functions to get you started.

This version of Coder Revolt Web Browser has basic functions like going forward and backwards. Reloading, and also other features that allot of visual basic web browser projects always miss out on. Those feature are commonly adding tabs, tracking the history and etc., this project will include that. They might be basic features, but they are the core of any type of web browser in the world!

CR Web Browser V.1 is a super simple starter kit and it will improve overtime and I would love for you to contribute into the Github. By working together we can really create something awesome!

Features Included
  • - URL Status 
  • - Adding new Tab
  • - Tab Title 
  • - Full Screen
  • - Forward function
  • - Go back function
  • - Loading Page
  • - Status Progressbar
  • - Save As
  • - Copy & Paste
  • - History
  • - Bookmarks
  • - Google, Bing and Normal ULR (how to browse options)
  • - Auto-update URL Status 
  • - Full Screen mode
  • - View Page Source
  • - Internet Options
  • - Printing 
  • - Properties


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  1. Really nice job with this one! Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you very much Fraser,
      I will continue the hard work and release more open source projects :)